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Please reach out for our FREE initial consultation and assessment. With goals identified, we will then create an individualized program plan curated to you or your family member requiring services. The program plan will continually evolve over time and we will regularly communicate progress and recommendations to you.

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Services you can expect from a Recreation Therapist

Consultation and Assessment

  • Define your interests, abilities and unique skills

  • Create an individualized leisure plan and set wellness goals

  • Find your social, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs

Leisure Education

  • Discover how leisure can provide meaning and a sense of purpose in your life

  • Learn how the benefits of leisure can motivate positive change in your life

  • Learn and develop skills to engage in a healthy leisure lifestyle

  • Increase your awareness of how leisure can be used as a coping skill and support you in your recovery and every day life

Community Integration and Connection

  • Explore your community resources

  • Overcome challenges that prevent you from accessing your community 

  • Participate in opportunities to create social connections, develop social skills and create relationships

  • Feel empowered to live a healthy leisure lifestyle and experience increase quality of life

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